Award / Certificates

Award / Certificates



BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification programme with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies. The Standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.



- Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that works at the intersection of business, agriculture and forests to make responsible entrepreneurship the new norm.


The rainforest alliance seal promotes collective action for people and nature. It strengthens and strengthens the beneficial effects of responsible choices, from farms and forests to the supermarket checkout. The quality mark allows you to recognize and choose products that contribute to a better future for people and the planet. If you see our little frog seal on a product, you probably know it means something positive. But have you ever wanted to know more about what lies behind the seal - and exactly how choosing a product with the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal helps people and nature thrive in harmony? The Rainforest Alliance certification program The seal means that the certified product or ingredient is produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and ecological. Independent, external auditors - which are crucial to the integrity of each certification program - assess farmers on the requirements in all three areas before awarding or renewing certification. Our data-based certification programs emphasize our commitment to continuous improvement, sustainability training, and clear benefits for farmers.

Our standards focus on the following themes:


- Forests: these ecological powerhouses are crucial for the survival of every living being on earth. Our training and certification programmes promote best practices for protecting standing forests, preventing the expansion of arable land into forests; promoting the health of trees, soils and waterways; and protecting native forests.


- Climate: Standing forests are a powerful natural climate solution. Our certification programs promote responsible land management methods that increase carbon storage while avoiding deforestation, which boosts greenhouse gas emissions. The climate-smart practices embedded in our agricultural training and certification programs help farmers become more resilient to drought, floods and erosion.


- Human rights: certification promotes the rights of rural residents. While no certification program can guarantee against human rights violations, our standard and insurance systems provide robust strategies for assessing and addressing child labor, forced labor, poor working conditions, low wages, gender inequality, and the violation of indigenous land rights. Independent studies show that workers on certified farms are likely to have better working conditions, personal protective equipment and labor protection.


- Livelihood: our approach is based on the understanding that the health of ecosystems and the economic stability of rural communities are interdependent. Improving the opportunities for a sustainable livelihood for small farmers and forest communities is the most effective way to bring rural people out of poverty, and certification has proven to bring measurable financial benefits to farmers and forest communities around the world.


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- Environmental Charter 2015


Cavalier doet meer dan wettelijk verplicht is om de invloed op milieu en omgeving te beperken door onder meer het milieucharter te volgen. In dit charter ligt het accent op de bedrijfsactiviteiten en de impact hiervan op het milieu en onze planeet. Met dit ecologisch georiënteerd charter wil VOKA Cavalier aansporen om jaarlijks minstens 3 milieu gerelateerde acties te plannen en uit te voeren die verder gaan dan de wetgeving en dit alles binnen een systematisch charterkader.


- ISM Innovation Award


Cavalier werd in 2012 door 80 journalisten wereldwijd verkozen tot het beste innovatieve product uit 112 andere producten. Op de International Sweets and Biscuits Fair beurs.



- Taste Award


"The World Stevia Organization" geeft in 2012 de pure Stevia tablet met bessen uitgeroepen tot beste Stevia product.



- Taste Award


"The World Stevia Organization" geeft in 2012 de pure Stevia smeltchocolade uitgeroepen tot beste Stevia product.



- Superior Taste Award 2017


The label is a powerful marketing tool to communicate about the products and the company's success, both domestically and internationally. Its visibility brings an immediate differentiation amongst the vast choice of marketed products and reassures consumers in their buying decision.





The Forest Stewardship Council is one of the most well-known labels for responsible forest management. FSC is an international, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation. It was founded in 1993 by forest owners, social movements and environmental organisations.





PEFC is the world’s leading forest certification system and an internationally recognised brand devoted to ensuring that forests are managed according to environmental, social and economic criteria. We are an international non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management through independent third-party certification. PEFC works by endorsing national forest certification systems developed collaboratively by all interested stakeholders and has recognised certification systems in 36 countries.





Roundtabel on Sustainable Palm Oil. Dit is een label dat alle palmolie die we gebruiken volgens de normen en naleving in alle fases van de toelveringsketen worden gerespecteerd. Conformiteit met lokale en internationale wetten en voorschriften. Aantoonbare betrokkenheid met economische en financiële variabiliteit op langen termijn. Verantwoordelijk voor het milieu door bescherming van de natuurlijke hulpbronnen en bioversiteit. Verantwoordelijk beheer door nieuwe aanplanting. Verantwoordelijk omgaan met het personeel en de gemeenschap die met de teelt of productie te maken krijgen.



- Theo Award


Trofee Hedendaags Eekloos ondernemen. Trofee om de ondernemingszin in de Herbakkerstad te stimuleren.